Active Substance
Testosterone Cypionate
1 x 10ml vial (250 mg/ml)


What is the Testosterone Cyp?

Testosterone Cypionate is a type of synthetic testosterone commonly used in areas such as bodybuilding, hormone treatments, and sexual health. This compound contains a synthetic version of the testosterone hormone, which is produced naturally in the body.

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What are the features of Testosterone Cyp?

-Testosterone Cypionate ensures hormonal balance by increasing testosterone levels. This can be useful for hormonal therapy or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for people with low testosterone levels.
-Testosterone promotes the growth of muscle tissue by increasing protein synthesis. This is why Testosterone Cypionate is a popular option for bodybuilding purposes.
-Testosterone’s ability to increase muscle mass can help users gain more strength.
-Testosterone Cypionate can be used in the treatment of sexual health problems. It is especially effective in treating sexual dysfunctions caused by low testosterone levels in men.

How to Use Testosterone CYP?

Testosterone Cypionate is usually administered via intramuscular injection. Dosages may vary depending on the user’s goals, gender, and doctor’s recommendation. For HRT, injections are usually given once a week, while for bodybuilding purposes dosages may be higher.


  • It is important to consult with a healthcare professional who is knowledgeable about Testosterone Cypionate or other hormone replacement therapies.
  • Dosages and duration of treatment should be adjusted according to individual needs and doctor’s advice.
  • Use of Testosterone Cypionate must be done in accordance with local laws and regulations.Testosterone Cypionate is an effective treatment option used to correct hormone imbalances, promote muscle growth, or treat sexual health problems. However, such treatments have potential side effects and legal limitations. Always use under the guidance of a healthcare professional and comply with local laws and regulations.


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