Testosterone in any form. If the doses are used as injections of 300-500 mg weekly, positive/negative effects will be observed in the circulatory system, albeit mild. However, if attention is paid to the diet, the negative effects will be minimal. In addition to testosterone, boldenone, nandrolone, and methenolone can be considered injections.

Long-term use for non-medical reasons can cause health problems in the body. The most important effect is that heart disease can progress unnoticed for decades. Therefore, those with heart disease in long-term use should consume these drugs under the supervision of a doctor. However, these long-term use and doses will be valid for professional athletes.

If you have the genetic makeup that allows for the development of external muscle, it is possible with hard work and determination. However, if your genetic makeup is like the majority of people, steroids will not make you look like a professional bodybuilder. Even with the product, genetics is a big factor in determining your physical appearance. Many people use steroids to look big and glamorous. However, very few of them make it to the stage as professional bodybuilders.

Yes and no. Steroids help you in two simple things during muscle growth. First, they get you to your genetic limit faster. It is important to stay active in your training, eat regularly, and follow an effective PCT program to keep you at your genetic limit. Thus, your previous gains will not be temporary.

Secondly, steroids can take you far beyond your genetic limits. However, physical development beyond your limits cannot be maintained long-term without anabolic products. Without Anabolic/Androgenic Steroids (AAS) the body will always return to its normal metabolic limits. In this context, some of the gains will not be permanent.

Although it depends on the dosage used, the steroid user will make noticeable progress in the first cycle. However, this progress will vary from person to person. Generally, a 10-12 week steroid cycle will increase to 8-9 kg, maybe more. Some of this will be water retention. Therefore, the net gain in muscle mass can be between 5-7 kg.

Hair loss is largely due to genetic reasons. All steroids used only accelerate this hair loss process. Reducing androgenic activity in the scalp will slow down this process. Using nandrolone, oxandrolone or methenolone will help with this. Moderate doses of testosterone will also reduce this effect. Ketoconazole and minoxidil can be used to slow down hair loss.

This is not necessary. All Anabolic/Androgenic steroids attach to the same receptor. In most cycles the receptors plateau at 10-12 weeks. However, during this time the increased muscle cells in the body produce more receptors and increase the metabolic effect limits. Therefore, changing steroids will not be effective.

To understand anabolics, we must first understand the cellular development of muscle. Often muscle development is simplified to “protein synthesis”, but there are many complex changes that occur in the body. The body does more than just synthesize protein from amino acids. “Satellite cells” play a very important role in muscle development. These cells are normally responsible for healing muscles when they are injured or traumatized. These cells, located in the fiber next to the damaged muscle cell, divide and multiply to form muscle tissue. 

This fast-forming tissue shares the cell nucleus with the damaged area and allows it to form a more robust structure. The burning sensation that occurs in the muscles in every repeated movement during training in people who do sports is an effect caused by muscle damage. Many hormones and growth factors affect the so-called anabolic chain. The agents used in these phases attach to the muscle tissue or allow the secretion of the necessary substances, respectively.